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War of Tanks 2 Strategy RPG


Command WW2 tanks online and experience the thrill of tank warfare from the legendary creators of Mushroom Wars. War of Tanks 2 is back with the best new tank combat game that combines elements of tank squad Strategy with RPG elements.
Featuring strategy battle mechanics as simple and thrilling as Rock-Paper-Scissors. You’ll need skills and luck to win!
As the tank squad commander you'll be right in the middle of all the action:
• COLLECT SQUADS - Choose from 30 historical WW2 tanks
• Fight through a HUNDRED MISSIONS and defeat 6 bosses in order to unlock each tier of Tanks
• LOOT AND CRAFT rare tank parts and train tank crews to unlock the full potential of your squads
• Dominate in WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS in leagues to get unique tanks as the ultimate reward
• Fight in the PvP ARENA with high stakes bets – your cash or your tanks
• Only one player can wear the GENERAL of the ARMY insignia, hold it as long as you can
Get in your tank now and prepare your first squad for action!